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Becky is a wedding & family photographer based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. With over 10 years of wedding experience, she has a well established knowledge of the inner workings of a wedding day and a refined and classic style. When she is not editing your photographs, you can find her gardening with her boys or exploring the local hiking trails.

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Each year since the opening of Studio Illume, I have hosted floral sessions each for families. This year was a little bit different in that I took on the floral design myself (when in the past I’ve trust Lavender and Locks Flower Farm and Forte Florals, who both did a PHENOMENAL job). It was SO […]

May 27, 2023

Studio Illume

Motherhood Event 2023 at Studio Illume | Lancaster Family Studio

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Katrina and Chip just happened to schedule their session for the day after my Motherhood Event, so we took full advantage of all of the flowers and the backdrop I put together. Let’s be real, though – it was these two that made the session pure magic. I am so thrilled to be photographing their […]

May 17, 2023


Katrina & Chip’s Studio Engagement | Lancaster Wedding Photographer

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Nicole and Andrew’s engagement session was just a little over a year until their big day, and how amazing are their outfits?! I loved the contrasting blacks and whites. There are flowering trees near where they will be celebrating, so we made sure to include blooms where we could. I love that so much about […]

April 11, 2023


Early Spring Engagement | Lancaster Wedding Photographer

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Alexa and I first met years ago when we collaborated on a styled shoot together involving her husband’s handcrafted farmhouse tables that they were renting for weddings. Now Alexa is pursuing a new venture in real estate! Best wishes, friend! I know you will do amazing in this next phase of life!

March 14, 2023


Alexa’s Fresh Head Shots | Lancaster Photographer

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I know personally how as a mom you don’t often end up in photographs with your children. You are the one always taking the picture, so you don’t often end up in pictures yourself. But mommas, I’m here to tell you that it is important. Years down the road your children will want pictures of […]

March 7, 2023

Studio Illume


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This is baby number three for Steph and Jeff and the third time that I have been SO blessed to photograph their teeny tiny babies. What a joy! Baby Madeline Jane is so precious. Congratulations Steph, Jeff, and the boys! Your hearts must be so full! PS. You are now able to purchase bunches of […]

March 2, 2023

Studio Illume

Madeline’s Newborn Session | Lancaster Newborn Photographer

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I don’t normally recommend engagement sessions during the colder months, but occasionally couples request them and these two made it look SO good! Olivia and Richard, you two are so sweet together and I cannot wait for your wedding day!

February 23, 2023


Middle Creek Engagement Session | Lancaster Wedding Photographer

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The Archer Family Foundation is a newly forming non-profit that will be coming alongside families that are living with a hydrocephalus diagnosis. Hydrocephalus is a condition where there is excess fluid built up on the brain. There is no cure and the only treatment is brain surgery. Shunts are placed and can fail, leading to […]

February 22, 2023

Studio Illume

Archer Foundation Family Session | Lancaster Newborn Photographer

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What a treat it is to photograph a family through both pregnancy and the newborn stages. Aiden is such a sweet baby and is so adored by his momma and daddy. I LOVED the outfits that his momma chose for herself and baby from the Studio Illume client closet

February 11, 2023


Baby Aiden | Studio Illume Newborn Session

Rebecca Shivers Photography Studio Illume newborn photography parents and baby bright and airy
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What a treat it was to photograph Peter and Janine’s wedding day at Moonstone Manor! From their church wedding to the lovely grounds at the manor, it was a stunning wedding day for a wonderful couple!

February 9, 2023


Late Spring Moonstone Manor Wedding | Lancaster Wedding Photographer

Rebecca is a wedding and motherhood photographer based in beautiful Lancaster, County, PA.


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