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Becky is a wedding & family photographer based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. With over 10 years of wedding experience, she has a well established knowledge of the inner workings of a wedding day and a refined and classic style. When she is not editing your photographs, you can find her gardening with her boys or exploring the local hiking trails.

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San Diego Sunset Cliffs Wedding

Erin on the east coast, Michael on the west.  Somehow they found love and Erin found herself leaving her life here behind and flying across the country to marry the man of her dreams. They were married in a church dear to Michael and celebrated in one of the most lovely settings I have seen. Sunny San Diego may have threatened rain on their wedding day, but it politely waited until everyone was inside eating.  Sunset Cliffs, just a mile from The Thursday Club, was perfect for their portraits. I will always remember those beautiful views of the coastline, palm trees, and ocean.

Erin, from one photographer to another, I am so honored to have captured your wedding day and so happy that you have found Michael. I will miss you and shooting together over here on the east coast! If you are ever in town, let me know! I would love to see you.

West coast brides! Check out Erin’s awesome work. She can’t wait to photograph your San Diego weddings!

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July 25, 2015


Rebecca is a wedding and motherhood photographer based in beautiful Lancaster, County, PA.


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