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Becky is a wedding & family photographer based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. With over 10 years of wedding experience, she has a well established knowledge of the inner workings of a wedding day and a refined and classic style. When she is not editing your photographs, you can find her gardening with her boys or exploring the local hiking trails.

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WHAT is a Styled Wedding Shoot? |Lancaster Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Since I have began my career in photography, I have wished and wished to collaborate on a styled wedding session.  It wasn’t until recently that I finally mustered the courage to actually put together a concept and start contacting vendors.  I began imagining a setting nestled in the woods during springtime.  I thought of botanical print, bluebird details, and vintage accents.  I imagined a wedding design that was peaceful and natural, yet elegant.  I first reached out to April of The Kept Nest Vintage Rentals and Florals with my concept and she soon became my first official vendor!  Since then, we’ve added to our team (though the others are yet to be revealed!) Now we are in search of a ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ for our shoot.  We are conducting our search through a contest that we are hosting on Facebook, but what exactly would it mean to win?  What exactly IS a styled wedding shoot, anyways?


To put it simply, we are putting together a mock wedding.  This is in hopes of inspiring brides for their wedding day all the while showing them exactly what the talented vendors involved are capable of.  It will be complete with a bouquet, ceremony site, reception table, and dessert table: all full of beautifully thought-out details.  The ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ will be dressed in wedding attire and the ‘bride’s’ hair and makeup will be done by professional hair and makeup artists.  They will wear rings from a local jeweler.  I, the photographer, will photograph all of the beautiful details, including portraits of the bride and groom!

If you won, then you would win the opportunity to get all dolled up and get photographs taken of you and your special someone. all. for. free.  Sounds like a dream, right?  At the risk of sounding too infomercial-y.. This deal gets better!  Alongside this opportunity, you will receive 1 11×14 fine art canvas of your favorite photograph from the day, along with 5 jpegs to use on social media.  You will also be featured on wedding blogs that we will submit the images to after all is said and done!_MG_7471

I hope that this clears things up a little for anyone who wasn’t exactly sure what we were up to and gets you excited for the possibilities.  I hope to see many of you enter our contest so you can potentially get to model for us on this shoot!  Check out the image below for exact details on how to win<3

If anyone has questions, just shout!  Take a look at the contact page or just email me at:


February 11, 2014


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Rebecca is a wedding and motherhood photographer based in beautiful Lancaster, County, PA.

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