Hello there, I'm Becky Shivers! I am so glad to meet you!

I am a wedding photographer, serving south-eastern Pennsylvania and beyond. I love
autumn, hiking with my hubby, and all things floral. A typical day around my home
looks like a candle burning, folk music playing in the background, and lots of my hubby
and I chasing our little one year old son around.

I grew up in a small town in rural southern New Jersey where my favorite pastimes
were exploring the peach orchards behind my aunt's house and picking peaches with
my two cousins. It was not long into our teen years that we discovered the enjoyment of
taking photos of each other with big 2005 hipster hair and thinking ourselves to be
photographers. (I'll spare you the photos. We'll just say I had a lot of awkward years. Haha!)

One thing led to another since those days and here I am! I absolutely
love my profession. It is an honor to serve you on one of the happiest days of your life.

My work is proudly featured in Magnolia Rouge, Swooned, and Beyond the Wanderlust.
As a wedding photographer, my focus is on the idea that wedding photographs are
heirlooms, which will be treasured for generations to come. Your wedding marks
the day that two become one. My desire is to capture the uniqueness, love, and
joy of the day so that it will be remembered exactly how it felt.

Fun Facts:

Before Finn, my cats were my babies.

My husband and I just bought our own home and I am thrilled to have my own garden!

I LOVE Thai food and buy it as often as possible.

Call me old school, but I adore hymns.

I have such a hard time being inside for very long. I love to be outside in the sunshine!