My love story I honestly look back at our beginning and think of so many reasons it may
not have happened. It was in the days of instant messenger and Josh and I
really only talked because we had a few common friends. He was friend-zoned
for years. I always knew that when I signed on, that he would wait the obvious
"I don't want to seem obvious" 60 seconds before messaging me.

One day on IM he asked me to hang out with him at Friendly's and I came
really close to saying no. We hadn't hung out before and I didn't want to give
him the wrong signal, JUST in case. For reasons I cannot figure out, I said yes.

Well, as the day got closer, the more I realized that OF COURSE it was a date.
That day I got into his car feeling kind of awkward and guarded, but by the end
of the evening I knew he was different. He was unlike every other guy I had
dated and I fell a little. Every single day since then I have fallen more in love
with him. Through hardship and arguing and stress and everything that has
come our way, he's been by my side. I never even have to question it.

Oh and yes, my older brother, his wife, and her entire family were at
Friendly's, too. He made sure to come over and give me a bear hug before
introducing himself, haha!
It was a story of boy asks girl on their first date, and she didn't know it was
a date. And it was crashed by her older brother.
The beginning From the time I was fifteen I was convinced that I would have grown up and become a therapist. I was a girl with a
vision, which was to meet people where they are at and help them work through whatever challenges life had
brought their way. I was interested in strengthening relationships and stories of navigating through the
messiness of life together.

That hasn't changed. Therapy just wasn't where I found my calling.

After your wedding day is over, you have two things left to remember it by; your spouse and your wedding
photographs. Your wedding day may not be where your story began, but it is the day that you pledge your forever to
your new Mr or Mrs. From that day, you're officially a family. It marks the day that you say to the world,
“I'm forever his,” and “I am forever hers.”

That's a brave commitment, but nonetheless a beautiful one.

My goal is to not only serve you and your families humbly and graciously on your wedding day, but to also
support the two of you as you move forward into your lives together. I consider myself successful when my clients'
wedding photographs are one of the needed reminders of why they chose to give each other their forever.
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